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How to Land Great Student Travel Discounts

Posted on 20 January 2020 by (0)
The travel industry offers various kinds of discounts to student travelers. Here’s how to land the best student travel discounts. 

Generally, travelers in the age groups of between 12 to 26 years old are considered student travelers. As such, they are eligible for student travel discounts. However, those discounts do not come easy. The following are some of the main avenues through which you can easily get great student travel discounts. 

Student Travel ID and Discount Cards 

Today, many sightseeing sites across the world offer discounts for student visitors. But, you must produce your student travel ID card to get the discounts. There are various student travel ID cards recognized around the world like ISIC, which you can acquire before the departure for your trip. Although you may be required to pay about $20 for the ID card, the returns are much greater. 

Delta Student Discount Flights 

If you are planning an international trip, Delta student discount flights are a great way to save money on airfares. These flights are mainly ideal when booking an international trip since they can be linked to different airlines. To get the Delta student discount flights, you should book the flight using a Delta Student Discount. However, you must be keen to first check the flight routes as well as the particular flights that offer student travel discounts. 

Student Universe Promo Codes 

These are also a popular alternative for students looking to acquire flights at discounted prices. Student Universe Promo Codes come with certain terms and conditions but, provide additional discounts to student travelers. Flights available on STA or StudentUniverse are known to offer student travel discounts. 

Student Accommodation Discounts 

Student accommodation discounts are not very easy to come by since most hotels do not offer discounts to guests unless they plan to stay long term. However, hostel discount cards are available to student travelers when booking hostels for accommodation. For example, Nomads Hostels discount card offers you a discount of $1 per night, which could amount to significant savings. 

Since many travel companies offer student travel discounts, you should at least take some time to shop around to get the best deals. Nevertheless, student travel discounts are a great way to save money on travel.