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Can Somebody Travel The World With No Money?

Posted on 01 July 2022 by (0)

Maybe you have friends or colleagues who take expensive trips worldwide and wondered whether you could ever afford that. Honestly, you may never have the money to have the same travel experience. But this should not deter you from enjoying your travel experience across the world. You can travel the world with no money. It needs planning.

Traveling with money expands your travel options and boosts your experiences. You can visit and stay in the most luxurious places, buy fantastic stuff, and pay for exclusive services. Having no money will limit your ability to enjoy these fantastic offers. But it will not rule you out completely.

Take Advantage of Free Offers

Planning well for your travel is essential when you plan to do so with little or no money. Your goal will be to develop a plan for the cheapest travel experience. Consider ways to travel for free such as volunteering with an international organization. You will get to travel without paying for your air ticket and even accommodation.

No Shopping

A significant travel budget portion goes to shopping. And this is where you need to be very keen when traveling without money. Please do not go shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. You will not use any money if you avoid buying these things during your travel.


You can travel the world with no money but at a high cost. Having no money will deny you the opportunity to enjoy many things. You won’t be free to go anywhere or do anything since your limited finances limit your travel. You cannot travel far and wide as you would have liked. 

It is upon you to decide whether traveling with no money is worth sacrificing the limited experiences. But having no money should not deny you the opportunity to travel.