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Major Types of Travelers

Posted on 19 September 2019 by (0)

To some people, traveling is entirely a recreational activity without any restrictions on where, when and how one can experience it. While that could be partly true, traveling has now developed into a multi-discipline activity that entails learning new things and bringing people closer. As such, it is significant that you know the type of traveler that you are. The following are the major types of travelers. 


These travelers go on trips during the renowned holidays when everyone else is not working. Many of them travel at least two times every year and, are not too concerned with the destinations provided it offers a unique experience. 


As the name suggests, these travelers are in it for the adrenaline rush. They often travel widely in search of places and activities that can bring them to the extremes. They are daredevils who will stop at nothing to get the thrill. Thrill-seekers love unbeaten paths and activities that most people often avoid like climbing the world’s tallest mountain. 


The conformists do not travel for personal fulfillment. Instead, their trips are inspired by social acceptance. They are usually very keen on every aspect of their trips including destination, lodging, and transportation. Conformists travel with a sense of class to create a bold impression on their peers or colleagues. 


The name tells it all; backpackers often travel light and far without any concern for the traditional rules of traveling. These travelers are quite flexible and will grab every opportunity for adventures that comes their way. Backpackers are not picky and, will indulge in everything that brings the fun. 


The collectors visit different destinations and try many unique activities on the road to create new memories. These travelers are quite resourceful and, always well informed of every destination that they visit. They find delight in experiencing sights, sounds, activities as well as cultures out of the common. 

Depending on your travel habits, you could fit into one or more of the categories of travelers discussed above. Nevertheless, it all lies on you to make the most of every trip.