Important Life Lessons You Learn from Traveling

Posted on 30 June 2018 (0)

Important Life Lessons You Learn from Traveling

When you travel, you learn more things than you can learn from a relationship, job, or classroom. According to Mr. Travis Plumm who owns a Dryer Repair Shop out in Texas, which allows him the fortune for traveling as an adventure at least 3 times a year. He explains, it’s about leaving the comfort zone, familiar places, and experiencing new places and new people. It entails understanding the world and unfamiliar customs. This is a real-world learning experience.

Here are important life lessons that you can learn from traveling:

Patience is Important

You may be driven crazy by the idea of waiting in a queue at a restroom, restaurant or even waiting for an email from your boss or professor. When you travel, you learn that waiting is okay. You will not always have everything done as efficiently as you wish. If something doesn’t go your way, be patient as you seek assistance. Patience is very important because your flight can be cancelled when traveling. You can develop a health problem that leads to bed rest. These are just some of the things that can happen when you travel and patience proves to be a virtue under these circumstances.

Be Willing to Leave the Comfort Zone

Some people do not enjoy traveling since it entails leaving behind what they are comfortable with. This can be their favorite pets, foods, comfort of their homes and friends. However, forgetting the things that you are used to for a while is exhilarating. It expands your thinking and horizons. You take on an unfamiliar territory to make it familiar. You bring back endless stories and experiences.

It’s good to Be Curious

Understanding something that seems like a mere idea makes traveling worthwhile. Traveling makes you curious. It makes you want to know more about local customs, foods, the spoken language as well as religious practices. This leads to rewarding interactions that boost discoveries.

When you travel, you meet new people and enjoy different experiences. This enables you to understand the world, other people and their cultures better. You also learn how to react and respond to different situations.


Major Types of Travelers

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To some people, traveling is entirely a recreational activity without any restrictions on where, when and how one can experience it. While that could be partly true, traveling has now developed into a multi-discipline activity that entails learning new things and bringing people closer. As such, it is significant that you know the type of traveler that you are. The following are the major types of travelers. 


These travelers go on trips during the renowned holidays when everyone else is not working. Many of them travel at least two times every year and, are not too concerned with the destinations provided it offers a unique experience. 


As the name suggests, these travelers are in it for the adrenaline rush. They often travel widely in search of places and activities that can bring them to the extremes. They are daredevils who will stop at nothing to get the thrill. Thrill-seekers love unbeaten paths and activities that most people often avoid like climbing the world’s tallest mountain. 


The conformists do not travel for personal fulfillment. Instead, their trips are inspired by social acceptance. They are usually very keen on every aspect of their trips including destination, lodging, and transportation. Conformists travel with a sense of class to create a bold impression on their peers or colleagues. 


The name tells it all; backpackers often travel light and far without any concern for the traditional rules of traveling. These travelers are quite flexible and will grab every opportunity for adventures that comes their way. Backpackers are not picky and, will indulge in everything that brings the fun. 


The collectors visit different destinations and try many unique activities on the road to create new memories. These travelers are quite resourceful and, always well informed of every destination that they visit. They find delight in experiencing sights, sounds, activities as well as cultures out of the common. 

Depending on your travel habits, you could fit into one or more of the categories of travelers discussed above. Nevertheless, it all lies on you to make the most of every trip. 


Ways to Travel with a Purpose

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Purposeful travel offers you incredible opportunities to have fun and, also take part in activities that benefit the communities you visit. Traveling with a purpose enables you to interact with more people, learn new things, discover interesting cultures and give back to the society in ways that you could never imagine. If you are ready to try the experience, below are some ways to travel with a purpose.


Signing up for volunteer work is a great way to travel the world, having fun and touching lives. Taking part in volunteer work while traveling enables you to gain a better understanding and respect for new cultures. While volunteer travel can sometimes leave you broke, there is always so much more to gain. Besides, there are various ways to volunteer when traveling without spending more.

Learning a New Language

One of the best ways to discovering new cultures is learning a local language. Unlike taking online classes or using smartphone apps, learning new languages can be much easier and faster when you interact with the locals one-on-one. Learning a new language will also make you feel much safer when visiting different places at the destination.

Travel Blogging

Travel blogging will not only enable you discover new places and cultures but, also make some money on the side. Through the stories that you will share on your blog, other travelers will also be able to find inspiration for new experiences. With a good travel blog, you can also attract travel agencies looking for bloggers to help with marketing new travel destinations. Travel blogging can enable you see the world almost for free.

There are several other ways to travel with a purpose including learning new skills, travel photography and house sitting. Try out the above ideas on your next trip to experience a more rewarding adventure without leaving a hole in the pocket.


What You Should Know About Money when Traveling

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Although travelling does not always require so much money, it is essential for every trip. Even if you are on a fully paid trip, you will still need money for certain personal engagements and emergencies that might come up along the way. No matter the travel destination or duration of your stay, there are a few things that you should know about money when traveling. The following are key money tips to keep in mind during travels.

Convert Money upon Arrival at the Travel Destination

While it may seem more convenient to convert some money into the local currency of your destination before the trip, it can be costly. There is usually a likelihood of better and fair exchange rates overseas. The best places to convert money are at the ATMs and banks. If you must convert money in advance, only take about $100.

Avoid Carrying Lots of Cash

Apart from just losing the money, carrying lots of cash can also easily attract criminals, putting your safety at risk. A maximum of $100 is just enough. But, if you have to carry large amounts, it is advisable to split it up and store it different locations. Regardless of the amount of cash that you are carrying, always keep it hidden.

Carry a Credit and a Debit Card

Credit and debit cards are quite safe and convenient for making transactions while travelling. Both credit cards and debit cards can be used to withdraw money from ATMs but, the later can also double up as a means of payment. Unlike cash, using credit cards and debit cards comes with additional charges. For safety purposes, keep the cards separately in hidden locations.

Notify Your Financial Provider about Your Travel Plans

Most banks and credit card providers usually require their clients who are travelling abroad to give notification in advance. Simply visit your financial provider or call to tell them that you will be traveling and, during that period, you will need to access your money. If you fail to do this, they may freeze the account whenever you try to use it abroad on the assumption of unauthorized access.

Many people often worry about money when traveling but, it does not always have to be so. Just act responsibly and stay alert for any irregularity.


Useful Information for Female Travelers

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Every year, women travel to different destinations in the world without incidents. Nevertheless, when it comes to security and health, female travelers are mostly affected by cultural and religious beliefs of their travel destinations. Generally, women face more obstacles when traveling especially when they travel alone. Nevertheless, you can overcome obstacles that female travelers face when you have the necessary information to guide you.

Research Your Travel Destination

It’s important that you know your destination well before you travel. For instance, use the internet to gather crucial information about the country that you intend to travel to. Know its political and security situation. Also know the location of the embassy of your country or its consulate before you travel. Additionally, gather information on visa requirements, medical considerations, risky areas, and local laws. In most countries, you will be required to provide a valid visa to be allowed entry or exit. And in some countries, women travelers are required to be accompanied by male escorts to be allowed to leave.

Pack Accordingly

There are different customs and laws in different countries regarding women appearance and clothing. For instance, there are outfits that you may be allowed to wear in Mexico but not in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, find out more about the customs and laws of your travel destination and pack accordingly.

Be Keen on the Surroundings

Women travelers should know the cultural norms of their destination countries. For instance, pay attention to local customs and laws because they differ among countries. This is particularly important when traveling alone. Also avoid isolated and dark places at night.

Public transport safety varies from one country to another. In most countries, informal mini-buses and taxis pose threats to women that are unfamiliar with local conditions. This is mostly the case for women travelers. Therefore, find out more about public transport from tourism officials and local authorities.

Create Boundaries

Have boundaries especially when it comes to sharing information on your itinerary or plans with strangers. If someone bothers you, don’t feel obliged to be polite to them. Although being unfriendly to strangers may seem or feel rude, have some boundaries to ensure your protection. For instance, use a firm voice, body language and facial expressions to fend off unwanted attention.

Regardless of your travel destination, consider this information for female travelers. This will ensure your safety and make your trip successful.